Introducing Counterman's Behind the Counter Podcast

Introducing Counterman’s Behind the Counter Podcast

The inaugural episode of "Behind the Counter" features Harris Steinberg, owner of the 101-year-old Morris Auto Parts.

It seems appropriate that Harris Steinberg, owner of Morris Auto Parts in Philadelphia, is the featured guest on the first episode of Counterman’s “Behind the Counter” podcast.

Morris Auto Parts, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2022, is an independent parts store founded by immigrants, in the heart of Philadelphia – the city where the U.S. Constitution was written and signed in 1787. It’s a third-generation family-owned business, still going strong after 101 years. This really is a classic story of the American dream. 

It’s also worth noting that Harris was the 2006 Counter Professional of the Year, which is Counterman’s flagship program for recognizing the most outstanding counter pros across the country.

During the inaugural edition of the “Behind the Counter” podcast, Counterman Editor Josh Cable and Steinberg discuss:

  • 3:46 – His earliest memories of working in the family business
  • 8:18 – What Harris learned from working with his dad
  • 14:20 – His priorities for the business when he took over in 1989
  • 18:51 – The challenges and dynamics of doing business in a hardscrabble neighborhood near downtown Philadelphia
  • 22:15 – The riots of 2020 (“We were praying every night that we didn’t get hit.)
  • 26:13 – Why Harris and other independent distributors formed the P***ed Off Jobbers of America (POJA)
  • 35:39 – The relationship between POJA and Automotive Parts Associates
  • 40:50 – How Morris Auto Parts has been able to stand the test of time

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